Praetor rottweiler club

None of the trainers at the Praetor Rottweiler Club are full time professionals. Most have become trainers because they are really involved with the Rottweiler world and have a "feeling" for this particular breed.
They give their time voluntarily and free. They pay their own expenses and often supply training aids themselves. Some travel long distances to be with us at the training sessions (again at their own expense) and pitch up in all seasons come rain or shine. They offer socialisation and basic obedience training. At the same time they try to have fun so that the sessions are both informative and enjoyable. Between them they have a vast amount of knowledge and skill in dealing with this dog, a very special animal with particular needs. 

The club is a member of KUSA and as such complies with the requirements not to use certain "harsh" and cruel methods of training. 
We are not after all training police dogs,but what are, essentially, family pets and we do it for our enjoyment and pleasure.
Although we teach dog obedience, it is our philosophy that such training is futile without being accompanied by the basics of canine behaviour and how you should integrate these principles into your daily interaction with your dog. At the "school, we "talk dogs" and endeavour to pass on to you some of the skills we have learned over the years.

Whilst your trainers have a vast amount of experience, some have competed and qualified their own Rottweilers in competition, 
there is insufficient time to give specialist training for competition in the hour or so that is available each week to get through the basics. 
Most of the training is geared toward showing you how to train your own dog: it stands to reason that if you don't find time, even just a few minutes a day to practice what you have learned, then your progress will be slow indeed.

Every single "command" can be taught in different ways. It doesn't follow that because one trainer shows you one method to get your dog to "retrieve" that another method is wrong. It may be that your particular dog will respond better to a different approach. We do try, of course, to have some consistency in our methods. 

We frequently have to respond to questions that start with "but my vet says....! or "I'm also training with xyz...who says ....!
Please listen to your trainer at the club, if you have any questions then raise them with the trainer after the session or with the 
training committee at the grounds. Please don't rely on your mother, co-workers, medical doctor, your stock broker or even other 
trainees for advice. They will often mislead you, however well intentioned.
Ask the right source for the right information.
Remember to not to take medical advice from someone who is not qualified in that field. Your trainers are familiar with, and will 
always consider veterinary problems as a probable cause for bahavioural problems, but will not diagnose medical conditions or 
dispense medical advice.

How do our Trainers compare with other "dog experts"
Many dog trainers develop close business relationships with vets, have been involved with breeding and raising puppies, and are 
involved in competition both "working" and in the show ring, so what is the difference:
Vets and vet behaviourists are medical experts for many species!
Applied animal behaviourists are theoretical experts for many species or in the case of the human psychologist, experts in human 
mental illness but NOT dogs.
Our Professional trainers are the experts in practical application for one species,Dogs!
Our trainers can "walk the walk and talk the talk" as far as is practical in the time available.

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