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IPO Show News

On Sunday, 15 July 2018 PRC hosted their first IPO Working trial.  I am told that it is the first full IPO Trial hosted by a Rottweiler club in more than 20 years.  We had a phenomenal entry of 14 dogs, comprising of 3 Boxers, 2 Malinois, 1 Boerboel  and… wait for it 8 ROTTWEILERS.
4 dogs entered BH, 3 for IPO 1, 2 for IPO2, 1 for IPO VO and a few single phases.

At 7:00 we braved the cold, mist and wind on the plough tracking areas!!  With the black dogs we felt like “gorillaS" in the mist.”

10 dogs were entered for the tracking ranging from IPO 1 through to the advanced FH 1 which Caroline and her malinois, Ava, passed with 95%. All other tracking entrants also passed. Congratulations to all.
Around noon we all moved to the main venue where the Obedience and Protection phase were done. 

We want to thank everyone who entered, Johnwho officiated as our judge, and helpers, workers, spectators and caterers.

At the end of a very tiring day, the dogs and their owners were honoured in true Praetor way by receiving a biscuit for each dog, beautiful club certificates and unique, custom made medals for the owners. Everybody enjoyed the day and Praetor made history ….. once again !!



17/18 March 2018
Meridian Rottweiler Club Championship Show

Judge: Mr. Jouni Nummela FCI-Finland

 MRL Show Schedule 

16 April 2018
Cape Rottweiler Club

Judge: Mr. Johann Fischer


26/27 May 2018
Highveld Rottweiler Club ZA Sieger Show

16 June 2018
Natal Rottweiler Association

Judge: Mrs Letsie Fischer


15 July 2018
Praetor Rottweiler Club Non- Championship IPO Trial

Judge: Mr J Q Swartz


15/16 September 2018
Praetor Rottweiler Club Championship Show

Judge: Herr Paul-Dieter Viehoff  ADRK

17 September 2018
Praetor Rottweiler Club BA/BST


 Show venue map 


23 September 2018
Western Province Rottweiler Club

Training Calendar 2018

Venue: Curro College, Hazeldean,     Silverlakes Road, Pretoria.  

All events start at 3pm unless otherwise notified

We are very excited to share our new look format of training events.  Thanks to all for your input 

03 February
 Registration and information session

10 February  
Character building and Valentine dress-up

03 March 
Ring craft and CGC training/evaluations

07 April 
Agility training and mind games

12 May
Tracking and ring craft

09 June
Introduction to Working Trials

14 July
Ring craft and CGC preparation

18 August
Night trails

08 September
Ring craft and BA trials + Spring day and scent discrimination

13 October
Agiility training and mind games

10 November
CGC session 2

01 December
Christmas function (Club closes for 2018)

Other breeds welcome

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